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With over 7,500 shows performed around the world in the last 15 years, it’s no wonder why theaters, casinos, late-night talk show hosts, performing arts centers, amusement parks, and more turn to Jason Hudy for high-quality, top notch magical entertainment!


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Phone: 800.976.4839

E-mail: Jason@JasonHudy.com



Mystery. Intrigue. Comedy. Bewilderment.t

These are only a fraction of the qualities that Jason Hudy delivers in every single magic performance!

Delve into cutting edge magical entertainment that will draw you into the intricate world of illusion, with a ‘one-of-a-kind’ show that will leave your audience baffled!

As a magician, Jason has built his career on performances that take audiences on a roller coaster ride of emotions. One moment they will have their jaws on the floor in astonishment, while in the next moment, they’ll be chuckling to themselves as Jason’s comfortable performing style makes him someone everyone can relate to.

Jason specializes in two types of performances. For larger venues with the technical capabilities, Jason’s illusion shows will engulf your audience in powerful illusions that will redefine their ideas about what a magic show is! People appearing and vanishing, being sawed-in-half, and flying through the air; these are all part of an experience that will leave your audience breathless!

For smaller venues, Jason’s one-man show packs personality, and audience participation into a show that requires no special lighting or staging. Equipped with only his knowledge, charisma and experience, this show concentrates on the magic created between Jason and your audience!

Whatever your needs, let Jason carry you and your audience into the wonderful world of magic and illusion!