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"Over the years, Jason has worked with me on a number of projects. To tell you that his professionalism, performance and overall way of being is outstanding does not give him nearly enough credit. Beyond that, he is incredibly easy to work with and was quickly embraced by my entire team.

- Franz Harary - Studio City Casino, Macau

"Jason is sensational!" 

- Late Night Talk Show Host Craig Ferguson

"You are welcome back to perform here at any time!"

- Chicago Magic Lounge, Chicago, IL

"Our community has come to expect us to provide high-quality performances, and your show certainly lived up to that standard!" 

- Kirtland Performing Arts Center, Roscommon, MI


"In my opinion, the next time we are looking for a magician, there is no need to call anyone else. You are it!"

- Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, Traverse City, MI


"Jason, very good comments were shared about your show, the audience was engaged! I hope we can work out something for you to return next year"

French Mountain Playhouse, Lake George, NY


"I still have the biggest smile on my face from the show! It was absolutely wonderful, I’m getting tons of compliments, so know that you did an awesome job!"

- Grand Opera House of the South, Crowley, LA


"Hire him with no reservations!"

- Six Flags Theme Parks

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