This page has been designed to assist those venues who have scheduled a performance of "Jason Hudy: Mesmerizing Magic." You'll find both technical and promotional information listed below:

Technical RIders

Theaters and Performing Arts Centers: To download the technical rider for theaters and performing arts center, please click here

Corporate/Ballroom/Pipe and Drape Rider: To download the technical rider for performances in corporate, ballroom, pipe and drape settings, please click here

Promotional materials

Here is a .jpg of a vertical poster. Drop into Photoshop to add your show information into the middle of the poster, and you are good to go! Or, contact Jason with your show information and he will get the info dropped in for you. To download the .jpg poster, please click on the size you would like below!

11 x 17            12 x 18            18 x 24            24 x 36

Jason Hudy Mesmerizing Magic Sample Post

Here is a sample poster you can take a look at with "sample" information placed into the open section. This should give you an idea of what a completed poster could look like.

High-Res photos

Here are 5 "High-Res" studio photos for you to use in advertising. Feel free to use these for website, social media, and any other place where you might find them useful.

"Hands" Photo please click here

"Curtain" Photo please click here

"In The Audience" Photo please click here

"Half Body" Photo please click here

"Shhhhhhhh" Photo please click here


The "Mesmerizing Magic" logo is linked below. Feel free to use this if you have any need for it!

Click here

Mesmerizing Magic Logo.png

Performance copy

Here is both long and short copy for "Mesmerizing Magic." You can download this WORD document  and then copy and paste into website blurbs, social media posts, etc. To download the document, please

Click here

1 minute "coming soon" Video

Feel free to use this video on your website and social media to let people know about the fun show that is coming their way! Just grab the URL link and share!

TV Interview Magic trick

Jason would be happy to help you advertise the show by doing a television appearance. This 2 minute, 21 second video will share with you Jason's "Go-To" magic trick while performing a TV interview. You can share this with your local television station so they can be prepared for Jason's visit.



With over 8,000 shows performed around the world in the last 20 years, it’s no wonder why theaters, casinos, cruise ships, late-night talk show hosts, performing arts centers, amusement parks, and more turn to Jason Hudy for high-quality, top notch magical entertainment!

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