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"60 in 60" Trivia Game Show

The "60 in 60" Trivia Game Show is a unique interactive show where your students put their knowledge to the test competing "contact-free" against other students! With $240 in prize money given away each show (in the form of Amazon Gift Cards), the show has been a hit with schools from coast-to-coast!

What's The Show All about?

Click the video below to see a 5 minute overview of "what the show is all about"!

What are other schools saying?

Watch the five minute video below to see what other colleges and universities across the country are saying about the "60 in 60" Trivia Game Show!

Show formats

The show is available as either a "live", "virtual" and "hybrid" formats. Watch the 5 minute video below to learn about these different formats, and which one may work best for your school!

"60 in 60"

National Championships

Watch the 3 minutes video below to learn about the "60 in 60" National Championships show, and how YOUR students can compete to win $2,000!

"60 in 60" Show options

Below is a list of the 21 different show options currently available in the "60 and 60" franchise. Below that are some videos about individual shows!

Pop Culture 1

Pop Culture 2

Thru the Decades

Native American Heritage


Hispanic Heritage



Hmmm, Food


Picture This

All Music

Women's History Month

Harry Potter

Majority Rules

What's That Song?

Black History Month


Star Wars


Safe Driving

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