Hi! If you've arrived at this page, you've spoken to me and I set up this private webpage so you can see full-length videos of some of my illusions.

1. Suspended Animation
2. Vortex
Small Heading
3. Flying/Linking Rings
4. Up His Sleeve
5. Sawing
6. Compressed
7. OpArt
8. Balloon Bag
9. Animal Crackers
10. Floating Box
11. Gypsy Tie
12. Multiplying Bottles
13. Floating Table
14. Newspaper Tear
15. Grow/Shrink Head
16. Head Chopper
17. Interactive Magic
18. Instant Magician
19. Close-Up
20. Dancing Hank



With over 8,000 shows performed around the world in the last 20 years, it’s no wonder why theaters, casinos, cruise ships, late-night talk show hosts, performing arts centers, amusement parks, and more turn to Jason Hudy for high-quality, top notch magical entertainment!

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